Intellect secures a £13K tax refund for client!

We’re delighted to have received this wonderful feedback from one of our valued clients:

 “I have completed tax returns for my partner for the last 15 years. The process always seemed straight forward and simple following the HMRC guide to self-assessment and having listened to advice from former HMRC staff at various training sessions over the years. In 2020 I was offered a place on a tax and national insurance training session by FosterTalk. The virtual training was run by Pat Lewis and has resulted in my wife and I receiving a refund from HMRC of over £13k. The refund was for over paid tax. I had never been made aware that, as carers receiving enhanced payments for young people with additional needs, we were also entitled to claim additional expenses beyond those listed in HMRCs own guidance. It was mentioned by Pat during this virtual session and then confirmed in a one to one telephone conversation later that day. During the second half of last year Intellect have worked tirelessly to resubmit tax returns for my wife and have also created a partnership between us to further reduce our tax liability going forward. I believed I was following HMRCs guidelines and saving myself the cost of a professional adviser. The truth is that I was totally unaware of the full rules and was actually paying thousands more than I needed. HMRC do not seem to want to give you all the information to help reduce your tax liability. I suppose doing a self-assessment tax return one day every year was never going to make me an expert and thankfully by handing this to the true experts I can now have more time and more money. If you think you are saving money doing your own self-assessment then think again and for the small cost involved give Intellect a go. Your membership package allows you to receive advice and support for your whole household regarding tax and benefits, and for a small fee, Intellect can complete your entire tax return for you, possibly saving you a lot of money. It’s worthwhile giving them a call possibly saving you a lot of money…and certainly saving you a whole lot of stress.”

Contact us today, you could be missing out on tax refunds you are owed or benefits you have not claimed, Intellect can help! 0121 794 2289


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